Watts' temperature control kit for 1 zone

  • Discount Kit Watts Industries Kit for Zone Control

    Kit for Zone Control

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    1 Zone Receiver
  • Discount Kit Watts Industries Watts 1-Zone Receiver
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    Watts 1-Zone Receiver

    £62.50 £32.46 £38.95 incl. VAT
    Controls 1 zone
  • Discount Kit Floor Heating-Direct Thermostatic Valve
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    Thermostatic Valve

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    1/2" or 3/4"
  • Discount Kit Watts Clock Thermostat
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    Watts Clock Thermostat

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  • Discount Kit Watts Thermostat
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    Watts Thermostat

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    ON/OFF thermostat
  • Discount Kit Watts Actuator

    Watts Actuator

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    Connection: M30x1.5


Watts Industries

The Watts' 1-zone control kit consists of a complete range of products for temperature control by means of a 1 zone receiver and thermostat.
This kit for zone control allows you to control the manifold as one zone, which is particularly suitable for floor heating systems that heat one space (or floor).


1 zone control by means of a thermostat and 1 zone receiver

The 1 zone control kit consists of a thermostatic valve, Watts 1-zone receiver, an electrothermal actuator and a wireless thermostat.

thermostatic valve

Thermostatic valve
Connection size: 1/2 "or 3/4"
Material: Brass, nickel-plated (Cu Zn 40 Pb 2)
Kvs-value: 1.5



watts receiver

Watts WFHC master receiver RF
Controls 1 zone
Frequency: 868 MHz.
Watts article number: 900 004 842



electrothermic actuator

Watts electrothermal actuator, 22C series
Power supply: 230 VAC / DC (+10% / -15%)
Full stroke: max 3.5 mm
Watts article number: 22C230NC2-5



digital clock thermostat

Watts wireless clock thermostat
Accuracy measured temperature: 0.1°C
Frequency: 868 MHz.
Watts article number: 900 004 880