Slim Fit (12mm)

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    Slimfit System

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The Slim Fit system is a water underfloor heating installation method that can be installed directly under tiles. The total height of the system is 12mm, which should be covered by a 15mm latex self leveller, then tiled upon.
Slim Fit uses a 10mm 5 Layer PE-RT pipe, maximum length 80m/100mm pipe spacing and a coverage of 8m2 per pipe. Using the Push connection kit, you can extend this to 24m2 per port or 3 pipe loops.

Floor Construction


  1. Subfloor (Concrete or solid)
  2. Slim Fit Panel (12mm)
  3. 10mm Pipe
  4. 15mm Latex Self Leveller
  5. Flexible Tile Adhesive
  6. Tiles or other floor finish