Tools and Accessories for Floor Heating Installations

  • Discount Kit 90° Pipe Bend Support

    90° Pipe Bend Support

    £1.25 £1.04 £1.25 incl. VAT
    Per piece
  • Discount Kit Pipe Cutter

    Pipe Cutter

    £6.38 £6.04 £7.25 incl. VAT
    Per piece
  • Discount Kit Pipe Calibration Tool

    Pipe Calibrator

    £3.75 £3.33 £4.00 incl. VAT
    Per piece
  • Discount Kit Strap Attach Unit
    Save 29%

    Wire Tie Tool

    £35.42 £25.00 £30.00 incl. VAT
    Per unit
  • Discount Kit Tacker Stapling Apparatus

    Tacker Stapling Device

    £212.50 £170.00 £204.00 incl. VAT
    Per piece
  • Discount Kit Floor Heating-Direct Bending Springs
    Save 48%

    Bending Springs

    £10.42 £5.42 £6.50 incl. VAT
    16, 20 or 25mm
  • Discount Kit Floor Heating-Direct Pipe Decoiler
    Save 30%

    Pipe Decoiler

    £112.50 £78.75 £94.50 incl. VAT
    Per piece


Depending on how you want to install underfloor heating, you can add one or more of the following materials to your order.

Pipe Bend Support

pipe bend support

90° Support
This pipe bend support is very suitable to support pipes in corners.
Allows you to process the pipes quickly and easily..
Maintain underfloor heating pipes in a 90 degree bend.

Pipe cutter and calibrator


tube cutter

Pipe Cutter
This pipe cutter cuts PVC, aluminium or plastic tubes.
Please note that you need to make a circular motion when using the pipe cutter for flexible pipes.
Cuts pipes with a maximum diameter of 42mm.



pipe calibration tool

Pipe Calibrator
This calibrator can be used to preapre (heating) pipes for fittings (ix ... Press fittings for example).
The calibration tool can be used for pipes with a diameter of 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm and 16mm.

Quick Fix Strap Unit and Tacker Stapler


quick fix strap unit

Quick Fix Strap Unit
This unit can be used to securely mount underfloor heating pipes to a steel mesh by means of Quick Fix Straps.
The internal mechanism ensures that the straps tie together to mount the pipes.



Tacker stapler

Tacker Stapling Device
The Tacker system consists of insulation plates on which floor heating pipes can be fixed by means of plastic staples. These staples are fixed with this stapling device.