Dry Floor Plate Systems for Floor Heating Installations

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    25mm Dry System (DBS14)

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    EPS plate 0,75m²
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    Omega Profiles (DBS14)

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    1000mm x 120mm
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    14mm PE-RT Pipe (DBS14)

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    14mm x 2.0mm


Should you want to install underfloor heating in rooms with limited construction height or places where the load-bearing construction is less strong (wooden subfloors for example), you could consider to make use of a dry floor plate system.
The system consists of profiled EPS insulation plates on which steel or aluminum heat diffuser profiles are placed.


Installations by means of the 25mm dry floor system (ONLY 25MM HIGH!)

When making use of this way of installing underfloor heating, the heating pipes are mounted on 25mm EPS insulation plates with steel heat diffuser profiles. This system is directly placed on top of the existing subfloor.
The insulation plates are profiled and a heating pipe with a diameter of 14mm is clamped in the diffuser profiles.

25mm Dry Floor

EPS insulation plates (DBS14 dry floor system)
Dimensions: 0,75m² per plate (100cm x 75cm)
Number of pieces per pack: 23 plates (17,34m²)
Pipe spacing: 125mm (main heating)
Maximum pipe length: 100m per port

Steel Omega profiles (DBS14 dry floor system)
Dimensions per profile: 1000mm x 120mm
Heat diffusion: 80 W/mK
Required number: approximately 7 plates per m²

Floor Construction

dry floor plates




  1. Subfloor (structural floor)
  2. Floor beams (only in specific situations)
  3. Dry floor plates
  4. Heat diffuser profiles
  5. Floor Heating Pipe (10mm or 14mm PE-RT)
  6. Floor finish*






Dry floor systems and floor finishes

In most cases floor finishes such as parquet, laminate and wood can directly be placed on top of the dry floor plate system.

*) A tiled floor (or other floor finishes that require a structural subfloor) can not be placed directly on top of the system. If you opt for such finishes, dry screed floor plates must be placed first (Fermacell flooring elements for example). Once these plates are placed, you can install the floor finish.