Tacker Systems for Floor Heating Installations

  • Discount Kit Tacker Insulation Plate
    Save 23%

    Tacker Insulation

    £91.67 £70.42 £84.50 incl. VAT
    20mm or 30mm EPS
  • Discount Kit Floor Heating-Direct Tacker Staples
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    Tacker Staples

    £12.50 £9.17 £11.00 incl. VAT
    Per 300 pcs
  • Discount Kit Floor Heating-Direct Tacker Grid Foil
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    Tacker Grid Foil

    £91.67 £66.25 £79.50 incl. VAT
    50m x 1m (50m²)
  • Discount Kit Tacker Stapling Apparatus

    Tacker Stapling Device

    £212.50 £170.00 £204.00 incl. VAT
    Per piece
  • Discount Kit Wall Expansion Strips

    Wall Expansion Strips

    £12.50 £11.25 £13.50 incl. VAT
    25m x 10cm / 5mm
  • Discount Kit Cement Screed Additive Floor Heating
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    Cement Screed Additive

    £7.92 £5.42 £6.50 incl. VAT
    Per litre


When the subfloor you are laying your system onto is not insulated, it is advisable to place insulation underneath the pipes in order to reduce heat losses. Tacker insulation boards offer a total solution for insulation and mounting the pipes of the floor heating system.

For installations directly on existing insulation, Tacker grid foil can be used. This polypropylene grid foil can be placed on top of PUR insulation or EPS insulation plates. Underfloor heating pipes are fixed on the foil by means of  Tacker staples. The foil has a grid marking of 10cm x 10cm and an inner grid of 5cm x 5cm; allowing you to make use of different pipe spacings.


Installations on Tacker Insulation Boards

When making use of this way of installing underfloor heating, the heating pipes are mounted on 20mm or 30mm thick insulation boards by means of Tacker clips. This system is ideal when you want to provide a large surface area of underfloor heating and floor insulation but also in smaller spaces this system can be perfectly applied. In order to minimise unwanted heat loss and allow for expansion, it is important to place edge insulation against all walls.


Installations on Tacker Grid Foil

Before the floor heating pipes are laid, grid foil is placed over the (existing) insulation. The pipes are mounted directly on this insulation by means of 40mm or 60mm Tacker staples (depending on the thickness of the insulation). Because a floating floor is being created by this type of installation, it is important that edge insulation is placed against all the walls.

Tacker insulation

Tacker Insulation Boards
Available with 20mm or 30mm EPS insulation
Dimensions: 10m² per insulation board (both 20mm and 30mm boards)
Grid marking: 10cm x 10cm (inner grid 5cm x 5cm)



Tacker grid foil

Tacker Grid Foil
Polypropylene film for quick and easy installation on insulation
Dimensions: 50m² per roll
Grid marking: 10cm x 10cm (inner grid 5cm x 5cm)




Floor Construction

screed on tacker




  1. Subfloor (structural floor)
  2. Tacker Insulation
  3. Edge insulation
  4. Tacker clip
  5. Floor Heating Pipe
  6. Approximately 7cm to 10cm screed
  7. Floor finish