Under Floor Heating Installations on Steel Mesh

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    Thermo Floor Silence

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    25m x 1m / 3mm
  • Discount Kit Aluminium Reflection Foil
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    Aluminium Reflection Foil

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    75m² or 30m²
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Floor heating pipes can be mounted on a steel mesh by means of Quick Fix Straps, Ty-Raps or V-clips. This is most commonly used for installations where new screed is poured, such as new buildings and renovations. Depending on available height, installations on steel mesh can be used for both adhesive and floating screed.

Floor Heating-Direct does not supply steel mesh, but you are able to purchase them at any building suppliers. Depending on pipe spacing, you require galvanized steel mesh with a grid of 10cm x 10cm or 15cm x 15cm.


Adhesive screed

When making use of this way of installing underfloor heating, the pipes are mounted on steel mesh without additional insulation or reflective foil. Screed will therefore be poured on the (existing) structural subfloor, creating adhesive flooring screed.

Floating screed

Before steel mesh is put in place, a reflection foil or reflective layer is laid over the entire floor. The steel mesh on which the heating pipes will be mounted is placed on top. This method of installation creates a floating screed which will allow the floor to expand and shrink independantly from the structural subfloor.
In order to minimise unwanted heat loss and allow for expansion, it is important to ensure that the floor screed does not form a bridge to either external or internal walls. Therefore, edge insulation must be placed against all walls.

reflection foil

Aluminium Reflection Foil
Available sizes: 75m² (50m x 1.5m x 90g/m²) and 30m² (20m x 1.5m x 90g/m²)
Waterproofing: positive result at 2 kPa
Stability after artificial aging: positive result




Thermo Floor Underlay
Available in 25m² (25m x 1.0m)
Density: >15 kg / m³
Expanded polystyrene foam with metallised PET film




Floor Construction (when creating floating screed)

  1. Subfloor (structural floor)
  2. Reflective Foil or Thermo Floor Underlay
  3. Galvanized steel mesh
  4. Edge insulation
  5. Wire Tie or Ty-Rap
  6. Floor Heating Pipe
  7. Approximately 7cm to 10cm screed
  8. Floor finish
screed on steel mesh