Floor Heating Kit with Manifold including Blending Valve

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    20m2 Heating Kit

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    10 to 20m2 Heating
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    40m2 Heating Kit

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    240m2 Heating Kit

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    180m2 - 240m2


The stainless steel manifolds with blending valve and pump in this kit is used where the water supply temperature to the manifold is provided at a higher temperature than required for the underfloor water heating system. Water that is being let into the manifold is mixed to acquire the right uniform temperature for the underfloor heating system.

U-Tube Systems has become a full supplier in the field of heating and cooling systems. U-Tube Systems is able to work in an innovative and solution-oriented manner. This lead to the development and introduction of a wide range of high quality manifolds.  Also, U-Tube Systems may deal with and contribute to, in a custom manner, to the layout drawings and plans, to finding solutions for the project, to engineering matters and calculations.

U-Tube Systems supplies wholesalers and system owners throughout Europe. U-Tube Systems enables you to develop your own system, with your own name with certification, your own piping color and your own distribution system.

U-Tube Systems B.V., a Dutch dynamic company under full development.

Why choose U-tube Systems?

✔ We MANUFACTURE our systems - manifolds & pipes!!!
✔ Over 20 years in manufacturing Underfloor Heating Systems
✔ 50 Year Pipe Warranty
✔ Stainless Steel Manifold
✔ European Built Systems
✔ 'A' rated UPS2 Grundfos Pump
✔ Edge Insulation
✔ Easy Assembly

✔ UK local call line
✔ Multiple Zone Options
✔ Reliance mixing valve
✔ Free Design Service!
✔ Free Tools

All kits come with pipe spacing of 200mm. For older, uninsulated properties, we would recommend reducing this to 150mm. 

The kit with stainless steel manifold and blending valve with pump, includes;


Stainless Steel Manifold (2 till 16 ports)










Reliance blending valve, with Grundfos UPS2 A Rated Pump









3 Layer PE-RT Pipe - 100m length









2 x 16mm Euroconus Connectors









Pipe Bend Supports

Free Tools!

PE-Xa or PEX-AL-PEX Heating Pipes are available at a surcharge.