Floor Heating Kits for Wet Installations (With 16mm Pipe)

  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 20m2 Heating Kit

    20m2 Heating Kit

    £358.33 £329.17 £395.00 incl. VAT
    10 to 20m2 Heating
  • Discount Kit 2 Group Kit
    Save 25%

    40m2 Heating Kit

    £554.17 £416.62 £499.95 incl. VAT
    20m2 - 40m2
  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 60m2 Heating Kit
    Save 22%

    60m2 Heating Kit

    £654.17 £513.29 £615.95 incl. VAT
    45m2 - 60m2
  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 80m2 Heating Kit

    80m2 Heating Kit

    £754.17 £607.92 £729.50 incl. VAT
    60m2 - 80m2
  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 100m2 Heating Kit

    100m2 Heating Kit

    £854.17 £690.00 £828.00 incl. VAT
    75m2 - 100m2
  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 120m2 Heating Kit

    120m2 Heating Kit

    £970.83 £780.00 £936.00 incl. VAT
    90m2 - 120m2
  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 140m2 Heating Kit

    140m2 Heating Kit

    £1050.00 £889.58 £1067.50 incl. VAT
    105m2 - 140m2
  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 160m2 Heating Kit

    160m2 Heating Kit

    £1154.17 £988.29 £1185.95 incl. VAT
    120m2 - 160m2
  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 180m2 Heating Kit

    180m2 Heating Kit

    £1254.17 £1082.92 £1299.50 incl. VAT
    135m2 - 180m2
  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 200m2 Heating Kit

    200m2 Heating Kit

    £1354.17 £1150.42 £1380.50 incl. VAT
    150m2 - 200m2
  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 220m2 Heating Kit

    220m2 Heating Kit

    £1454.17 £1274.58 £1529.50 incl. VAT
    165m2 - 220m2
  • Discount Kit U-Tube Systems 240m2 Heating Kit

    240m2 Heating Kit

    £1554.17 £1367.08 £1640.50 incl. VAT
    180m2 - 240m2


All available kits for wet installations consist of the following products;

  • Manifold (for either high or low temperature systems)
  • 16mm euroconus connectors
  • 16mm heating pipe
  • Edge insulation
  • 90° pipe bend support
  • Free pipe cutter and calibration tool

Insulation materials and fixings for wet installations depend on available height and preferences and, therefore, not included in the wet system kits.


Manifolds with a blending valve and pump are used where the water supply temperature to the manifold is provided at a higher temperature than required for the underfloor water heating system ("high temperature heating system). In this case, water that is being let into the manifold needs to be mixed to acquire the right uniform temperature for the underfloor heating system.

Floor Heating-Direct supplies the following kits with manifolds, including blending valve and pump;

Kit - Manifold, including Blending Valve

Kit - Manifold with Pump Unit

The stainless steel manifolds with blending valve and pump consist of loose components that are mounted by means of brackets. This manifold includes flow meters, progress ball valves with butterfly handles, integrated manual adjustment valves on the return rail and is supplied with an energy efficient Grundfos UPS2 pump.
The kit includes; stainless steel manifold (2 to 16 groups), blending valve with pump, euroconus connection fittings, blending valve and pimp, PE-RT heating pipe (16mm / 100 metres - 2 to 16 per kit, depending on number of ports), wall expansion strips and pipe bend support.


The kits are suitable to cover different floor surfaces by making an adjustment in pipe spacing. The indicated maximum surfaces are surfaces with a pipe spacing of 15cm or 20cm.

Underfloor Heating is recommended to be installed within a well insulated property. Additional insulation can be purchased for your heating system here.