ix...Press Click Fittings

  • Discount Kit Female Adapter
    Save 22%

    Female Adapter

    £4.96 £3.87 £4.65 incl. VAT
    16, 20, 25 or 32mm
  • Discount Kit Euroconus Adapter

    Euroconus Adapter

    £9.58 £7.62 £9.15 incl. VAT
    16 or 20 x euroconus
  • Discount Kit Equal Union
    Save 28%

    Equal Union

    £5.21 £3.75 £4.50 incl. VAT
    16, 20, 25 or 32mm
  • Discount Kit Reducing Union
    Save 21%

    Reducing Union

    £7.08 £5.62 £6.75 incl. VAT
    20x16, 25x20, 32x25
  • Discount Kit Elbow Fitting
    Save 27%


    £6.25 £4.58 £5.50 incl. VAT
    16, 20, 25 or 32mm
  • Discount Kit Male Terminal Elbow

    Male Terminal Elbow

    £8.29 £7.29 £8.75 incl. VAT
    16, 20 or 25mm
  • Discount Kit Female Terminal Elbow
    Save 44%

    Female Terminal Elbow

    £7.08 £3.96 £4.75 incl. VAT
    16, 20, 25 or 32mm
  • Discount Kit Tee with Female Threaded End
    Save 28%

    Female Tee

    £11.04 £7.92 £9.50 incl. VAT
    16x1/2" of 20x1/2"
  • Discount Kit ix...Press Equal Tee
    Save 30%

    Equal Tee

    £8.29 £5.79 £6.95 incl. VAT
    16, 20, 25 or 32mm
  • Discount Kit ix...Press Reducing Tee

    Reducing Tee

    £9.79 £8.12 £9.75 incl. VAT
    16, 20, 25 or 32mm
  • Discount Kit Shut-Off Valve
    Save 21%

    Shut-Off Valve

    £29.79 £23.54 £28.25 incl. VAT
    20 or 25mm
  • Discount Kit "U" Shaped Shut-Off Valve

    "U" Shaped Shut-Off Valve

    £45.79 £38.75 £46.50 incl. VAT
    20 or 25mm



The patented technology of the “ix...Press” press fitting is based on its steel sleeve, that grips the pipe, making it the only press-fitting without tools. The “ix...Press” sleeve is made from a heat-treated special steel alloy, that has a unique spring behaviour.

After inserting the pipe into the fitting, the small pink obstacle jumps out and the “ix...Press” sleeve starts compressing the pipe with total security, perfectly absorbing the dimensional changes that occur in the pipe.

The key characteristic of the “ix...Press” fixing sleeve is that its spring effect guarantees a lifetime waterproof connection, thanks to the constant pressing force that it is applying to the pipe, perfectly absorbing any possible fluctuation in the dimensions of the pipe.

The weak point of all the other tool-free fittings, like the “push-fit” types, is how they absorb the dimensional fluctuations of the pipe. In real life, the pipes never have the nominal dimensions, either because of the manufacturing tolerances, the norms permit up to 0.3mm of tolerance in the external diameter and up to another 0.3mm in the wall-thickness of the pipe, or because of the dimensional changes that the pipe suffers when functioning connected to the fitting, the well-known creep effect.

The “ix...Press” pressing sleeve perfectly absorbs the above-mentioned dimensional changes and guarantees a constant lifetime pressing force and, thus, the most secure connection. This fact makes the new “ix...Press” click fitting the safest one in the market and permits us to grant a 25 year guarantee, which is the longest one in the market.

This patented sleeve technology distinguishes the “ix...Press” click fitting from the other fittings without tools available in the market. In other fittings, like in the push-fit types, the dimensional variations of the pipe affect the gripping force, thus, reducing the security of the connection and provoking a high risk of leakage.

For additional security the “ix...Press” fitting has a double conical security system that would bite the pipe firmly, blocking it, in case the pipe would start sliding out of the fitting.

The “ix...Press” fitting system uses the best combination of materials, metals and plastics of the latest generations:

ix...Press Fitting

  1. High quality brass for the body of the fitting (according to the European Norm EN12165)
  2. A PPSU for the transparent part of the external cap
  3. Heat-treated special steel alloy for the gripping sleeve
  4. Ultrasonic welding for the connection of the two parts of the external cap
  5. EPDM for the o-rings
  6. PPSU for the double conical security system
  7. PE-RT for the guiding ring
  8. A blend of PPSU for the black part of the external cap

Available "ix...Press" Fittings;