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The SlimFit system Kit is a perfect all in one solution for single bathrooms.

This kit consists of an RTL valve, a roll of pipe, Euroconus Connectors and the 12mm SlimFit System, suitable for areas up to 4m2.

Kit Contents

1/2″ RTL Valve
Euroconus Connectors 10mm/1.3mm
European Made PE-RT Heating Pipe, 10mm / 80 metres

Slimfit System 4.8 m²


  • All in one kit solution
  • European Manufactured Products
  • Suitable for single zone bathrooms or shower rooms up to 4m2

RTL Valve

  • thermostatic valve with stainless steel spindle and double O-ring
  • primary connection 1/2″
  • group connections 3/4″ euro cone (Euroconus Connectors not included)

PE-RT Pipe

  • KOMO approved
  • Made of Dowlex 2344 or PE-80
  • “Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance”
  • EVOH oxygen barrier (DIN 4726)
  • Cross-linked polyethylene, combination of low density polyethylene / high-density polyethylene
  • Multilayer pipe
  • Optimally stabilized against aging
  • Thickness pipe:  0,933 g/cm³
  • Heat conduction coefficient: 0.4 Watt/m*К
  • Coefficient of linear expansion: 0.19mm/m*К

SlimFit System

Length x width – 60 x 80 cm
Surface – 0.48 m2
Thickness – 12 mm
Pipe Spacing -100  mm
Total building height – 15mm including latex self leveller
Tube Ø 10mm

Tube length – 80 m