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The SlimFit system is a perfect solution for retrofits and renovations, and with an installation height from only 12 mm, Slimfit is one of the thinnest systems of its kind;


This system consists plastic trays, which simply snap together, our 10mm pipe, maximum 80m rolls, fit into the preset grooves with ease and allow for a simple solution for underfloor heating.


Push Connection Kits are a great solution to cutting down the number of ports on the manifold that are required. Using the Push connection kits can extend the total port coverage to 16m2 or 24m2, depending on what connector is chosen.

Length x width – 60 x 80 cm

Surface – 0.48 m2
Thickness – 12 mm
Pipe Spacing -100  mm
Total building height – 15mm including latex self leveller
Tube Ø 10mm

Tube length – 80 m
max. area per group – 8m2

Weight 1 kg

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