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  • PE-RT / Aluminium / PE-RT
  • Manufactured to the highest standards
  • KIWA approved
  • Certified according to BRL-K 536

The PE-RT-AL-PE-RT heating pipe is a very strong PE-RT pipe with a thin aluminium layer in between. The aluminium layer serves as an oxygen barrier, which stops the diffusion of oxygen through the polymer matrix. This ensures that even at temperatures of above 80 degrees °C, no oxygen dissolves in the water preventing the metal components of the system to corrode. PE-RT-AL-PE-RT pipes combine the advantages of copper and plastic, but have none of their disadvantages.

Construction of the PE-RT Alu PE-RT heating pipe

a. PE-RT inner layer
b. Adhesive layer
c. Aluminium layer
d. Adhesive layer
e. PE-RT outer layer

Diameters and lengths of the PE-RT-ALU-PE-RT Pipe

The PE-RT-AL-PE-RT floor heating pipes are available in the following sizes and diameters;

  • 16mm x 2.0mm / 100m
  • 16mm x 2.0mm / 200m
  • 20mm x 2.0mm / 100m

50 YEAR WARRANTY (including insured consequential damages of 10 years)


Outside pipe diameter: 16mm
Thickness pipe:  2mm
Internal pipe diameter: 12mm

Thickness of aluminum layer:  0.2mm
Allowable deviations along external diameter:  0.2mm
Allowable deviations along internal diameter: -0.4mm

Weight of 1m pipe: 0.099kg/m
Internal volume of 1m: 0.113

Heat conduction coefficient: 0.4 Watt/m*К
Coefficient of linear expansion: 0.25mm/m*К
Roughness of internal surface: 0.0004mm

Oxygen diffusion for antioxygen barrier tubes: 0mg/l*d
Maximum working temperature:  95°С
Maximum punctual temperature: 110°С
Operating pressure at temperature of +20 °С: 25 bars
Operating pressure at temperature of +95 °С: 10 bars

Minimum bending radius without internal spring: 80mm
Minimum bending radius with the use of internal spring: 64mm

Gel content: >65%

Weight 1 kg

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