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Every FloorHeating-Direct Under Tile Heating Mat is VDE certified, when installed with our Touch Control Thermostat, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Full technical support is provided by our experienced UK technical assistance team so you can ensure you purchase the correct system. We’ll assist you during installation and we’re here to help with any issues following installation.

FloorHeating-Direct Under Tile Heating Mat kits contain everything you need to install the system, including a detailed colour instruction manual.

Kit Contents

1 x Heating Mat (500mm wide x various lengths)
1 x Touch Control Digital Thermostat
1 x 10mm Conduit Pipe


  • Economically warms the entire surface of the tiled floor
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Primary or comfort heating

Please Note

  • The heating cable cannot be cut, however the mesh it is mounted on may be cut and shaped to suit;
  • For the best results we always recommend installing the mat on an insulated sub floor or thermal board;
  • A Heat Loss calculation is always recommended to determine whether the system can be used as a primary heat source;
  • We recommend that you check with your floor covering supplier for compatibility.


The Heating Mat System is constructed of a tough open nylon mat with an integral conductor and resistance cable. It is only 3.5mm thick and well able to withstand tough installations and is installed directly within the flexible tile adhesive.

The insulation covering of the heating element is made from TEFLON and the external covering is woven wire braid with a further PVC sheath making it very durable and 100% waterproof.

  • EMC-free, twin conductor cable with 3.5 meter 3-core power cable, attached to glass fibre mat.
  • The cable insulation under the external braid fully covers the cable
  • Strong TEFLON coated cable with a PVC outer sheath
  • 11 Watts per linear meter – 230/240 Volts
  • Tested between 4000 and 10.000 Volts
  • Cable diameter approx 3.5mm
  • CE/KEMA Certified
  • Roll out heating mat to fit the length of the room.
  • Cut the mat, do not cut the cable.
  • Rotate mat, and roll the mat in parallel to the previous run. We would not recommend leaving a space between the runs of mats.
  • Repeat until entire floor is heated.

Can you cut the mat?

Yes, you can cut the mat. The mat can be cut and shaped to fit in most rooms. You can also remove the mat, and use the cable


How wide is the mat?

The Mat is 50cm wide; the mat can be cut across the width to alter the shape


How do you test the mat?

You can check the mat by taking a resistance test using a standard multi-meter. The readings you should take are between the Live & Neutral, Live & Earth and Neutral & Earth


Can the mat be installed on a timber floor?

The subfloor must be secured before the underfloor heating mat is laid.


Can you put laminate flooring on top?

A laminate floor can be laid on the top, but a few rules must be adhered to.

1.    A minimum 10mm latex self-leveller must be laid on the mat before the laminate is laid
2.    Laminate flooring must be compatible with underfloor heating. Always check your laminate manufacturer before fitting.
3.    You must limit the temperature to the maximum temperature allowed the laminate flooring manufacturer allows.


Can you plug the mat directly into the mains?

No, Underfloor heating mat must be controlled via a thermostat.


How many mats can I connect to one thermostat?

Our Touch Control Thermostat has a maximum capacity of 16 amps. You can connect two mats directly into the thermostat before a Contactor box is required.


What happens if I cut the mat cable?

We have a full technical backup available, and one of our engineers can assist you with fixing the system, in the very unlikely event that you will require it

Weight 1 kg

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