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Which floor covering is suitable for underfloor heating?

Thinking of installing underfloor heating? Unsure on floor finishes and covering? For example, is parquet suitable? Floor heating-Direct can provide information! Read more in this article.

Floor Heating vs. Traditional Heating

Constructing a new heating system, and need help deciding whether to opt for underfloor heating over traditional heating? Need to know what the advantages and disadvantages of underfloor heating are? Read more in this article.

What does diffusion mean?

Within the installation sector, you come across underfloor heating terms regularly, but when you are not, you may struggle to understand many of the terms used in Underfloor Heating. Read more in this article.

Payback Period for Underfloor Heating

The building of a new underfloor heating system is an investment that pays for itself, especially given the increasing efficiency of the underfloor heating pumps and the competitive prices of underfloor heating materials ensure a shorter payback period. Read more in this article.

Does Underfloor Heating heat slower than a radiator?

As the underfloor heating specialist, we regularly get questions about the use and operation of floor heating. Read more in this article.

Insulating Underfloor Heating with Tacker Insulation

Underfloor heating is favoured for its energy efficiency; at least, if the subfloor is well insulated. However, this is not always the case. With older builds and retrofits, insulation is something lacking and installing underfloor heating is not always the most efficient. Read more in this article.


No colder feet with underfloor heating in the bathroom

After a lovely hot shower, there is nothing worse than stepping out onto a cold floor. It is time to change this with our underfloor heating solutions. Read more in this article.

How can I regulate the temperature of Underfloor Heating in multiple rooms?

Underfloor heating has become an extremely flexible, yet personal, system in recent years. Using a zone control system, with wireless thermostats, you can give each room in your property its temperature to fit your preference. Read more in this article.

Can you use underfloor heating when installing Parquet flooring?

With parquet flooring becoming a favorite choice in houses, underfloor heating has become adapted to fit this new type of flooring. Read more in this article.

Is Underfloor Heating warm enough to heat my room?

Is underfloor heating sufficient to heat a room? This is a question we are asked a lot. The simple answer... Insulation. Read more in this article.

5 tips for choosing Underfloor Heating

Choosing Underfloor Heating shouldn't need to cause a headache. We have laid out five simple benefits to using underfloor heating. Read more in this article.

Response time of your Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor Heating has many advantages over a traditional heating system. However, this can come at the cost of the reaction of your underfloor heating systems. Read more in this article.

Energy Efficient heating with Aluminium Reflection Foil

Aluminium reflection foil is an inexpensive way to make your underfloor heating more energy efficient. Read more in this article.

Underfloor Heating and a Healthy Indoor Climate

We spend more time indoors than outside; a healthy indoor environment is essential for a healthy lifestyle. But how do you deal with this? Read more in this article.

Low Profile Solutions for Underfloor Heating

At floorheating-direct, we have a few solutions for low profile underfloor heating that are required to be used in many retrofits or suspended systems in properties across the UK. Read more in this article.

Simple Facts about Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a modern and increasingly popular way of heating your home.  With demand for energy efficiency growing

significantly, underfloor heating has become a sophisticated product that can be fitted beneath almost any type of flooring, Read more in this article.

Premium Underfloor Heating Manifolds

FloorHeating-Direct can always guarantee the highest quality underfloor heating components, as we manufacture them!‚Äč Read more in this article.