Underfloor Heating Pipe Choice

What Pipe is Good Pipe for Underfloor Heating?

FloorHeating-Direct offers two different pipes. Manufactured in Holland and Spain, the PE-RT pipe & Pex-Al-Pex pipe both have unique features making them suitable for different uses: PE-RT is a 3 layer pipe, while Pex-Al-Pex is a 5 layer pipe. 


Why would I choose PE-RT over PEX-AL-PEX?

PE-RT pipe is suitable and sufficient for Underfloor Heating at the cheaper price. PE-RT pipe is manufactured in the Utubes factory in Holland, Home of FloorHeating-Direct and is built on an extremely high standard. PE-RT pipes are included in every underfloor heating kit as standard, a very easy to lay, flexible pipe which is tested constantly to ensure our 50 year warranty. 



Features of PE-RT

  • Available in 10, 14 & 16mm 
  • KOMO approved

  • Made of Dowlex 2344 or PE-80

  • "Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance"

  • EVOH oxygen barrier (DIN 4726)

  • Cross-linked polyethylene, combination of low density polyethylene / high-density polyethylene

  • Multilayer pipe

  • Optimally stabilized against aging

  • Thickness pipe:  0,933 g/cm³

  • Heat conduction coefficient: 0.4 Watt/m*К

  • Coefficient of linear expansion: 0.19mm/m*К

What does PE-RT mean for my Underfloor Heating Systems

For underfloor heating use, PE-RT is completely sufficient and suitable. For temperatures between 45 and 60 degrees, PE-RT pipe is an acceptable and cost efficient pipe and is not built to a lower standard than Pex-Al-Pex. 

Why would I choose PEX-AL-PEX over PE-RT?

PEX-AL-PEX is a higher grade pipe, which has a higher heat and strength capacity. The Barbi PEX-AL-PEX Pipe is a strong polyethylene PEX pipe with a thin aluminium layer in between. The aluminium layer serves as an oxygen barrier, stopping the oxygen diffusion through the polymer matrix, so it cannot dissolve into the water in the tube and corrode the metal components of the system.




  • WRAS / KIWA approved
  • Absolutely diffusion tight
  • 100% diffusion barrier
  • No memory bend

What does PEX-AL-PEX mean for my Underfloor Heating Systems

Pex-Al-Pex is the complete solution for heating use. High temperatures, long distances and other liquids* Pex-Al-Pex is the only solution for all these uses.